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The premiere pulling series in the United States, the highly popular Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League tours the country showcasing the most extreme vehicles and the most talented pulling drivers in the world. Featuring 12 different vehicle classes, it is a uniquely American competition that highlights the combination of sheer horsepower and driver skill.

Few fans are as loyal as the fans of LUCAS OIL PRO PULLING LEAGUE. Drivers are the true local grassroots heroes of motorsports, and their fans show their die hard support by following them from venue to venue, charting their progress through the ranks. Aligning your company with LUCAS OIL PRO PULLING LEAGUE means that you’ve become part of the fabric of down-home American pro pulling, showing the fans that you believe in their dreams and their celebration of freedom. LUCAS OIL PRO PULLING LEAGUE is growing at a rapid pace, and the Lucas Production team has been adding televised events to keep up with the expanded schedule throughout states. With the combination of on-site marketing as well as the numerous pro pulling broadcasts, LUCAS OIL PRO PULLING LEAGUE offers unbeatable visibility and marketing opportunity!

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